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  • Corry McClure

Culture Training: A Robust Request from Industry

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Designing corporate training programs requires an agile approach when it comes to understanding the demand for trending content and collecting the data to prove its effectiveness.

“Culture is everything! Culture trumps strategy!”,

When I see an article that says; “If Culture is Key, How Can Training Help?” and then the first line in the article goes on to say; “Culture is everything! Culture trumps strategy!”, the author has truly captured my attention. Dr. Ross Tartell’s online article in the July/August 2014 edition of Training, is a bold call to action for corporate trainers to engage.

After describing the definition of corporate culture and how culture tips the scales in both performance and sustainable success, Dr. Tartell provides us with some step by step details and considerations on how trainers can participate.

How we learn- 3 approaches nestled to empower employees and develop a path to creating a successful corporate culture. 1. On the job, experience-based projects and practice 2. Coaching and mentoring 3. Courses and formal learning Organization’s role is to cultivate culture.

Weaving in the vision, purpose and values into the decision-making strategies and creating a unique narrative that reinforces the company’s strengths is essential. Organizations can then begin building structures and employee reward systems that help employees understand their part in the culture shift.

How trainers contribute to designing content and capturing metrics for culture training.

Build programs that focus on culture contributing skills such as; communication that creates dialogue, listening skills that embrace non-judgment, conflict resolution, motivational behaviors, authentic leadership, inclusive based behavior and models of language that promote innovation and employee engagement.

Participate in measuring and monitoring outcomes that influence culture. Design programs that come with surveys to capture baseline information around culture; what these organizations look like now and into their future.

For further information on building corporate training programs or to learn more about government funding available to train employees, please contact

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