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  • Corry McClure

Boat Client

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

You know the client, it’s March and he wants to have his insurance in place for his new boat. Only thing is, it’s Tuesday and he wants everything in place by Friday…it’s 45 days before he will be motoring across Lake Ontario. You have pressing business already in cue and you are trying to figure out… how do I handle his expectations? It’s new business and you are trying to communicate positively, without losing it.

Reality check; he just wants to be valued and important, verification that he matters.

Start shifting the conversation to being committed to understanding his world. Start formulating some open-ended questions that support him feeling important and valued. Try one of these; “I understand that this is important to you, what is it about this Friday that has you wanting coverage? Or “What will having this insurance on Friday mean for you?”. It might take a few extra minutes of client conversation, and what you will get in return is a valued, heard client.

And when you ask these questions, listen….. actively and non-judgementally, he is really not trying to intensify your day, he is just about himself right now. His answers will provide you with an opportunity to have him feel understood and fill in some missing gaps around why he has such a sense of urgency for boat coverage. You will provide him with an experience of having met a caring agent. A business person who is not about selling products, she is someone who delivers a caring service. Lots will open up; including a place to re-negotiate deadlines and who knows…. perhaps more business and new referrals.

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