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Living Life Intentionally Through Language

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Recently I ran a Vision Board workshop for business women , the first building block of my content was to provide them with guidelines on some language fundamentals. What follows is what I captured for their handout, a future reference when they found that their internal and external language wasn't working.

Being human and some considerations about language:

We formed our language models before we reached the age of 7 y/o, this evolved to relate to our environment and our community

We created these language models as pure, soulful humans wanting unconditional love. When an “unconditional love moment” occurred, we invented a way to relate to the pain, soul invited “ego” into the conversation. (internal & external)

Our language models are the same basic structures we invented before the age of 7 y/o to survive and thrive and be accepted by the tribe.

Language is needed to support our stories, our beliefs, our roles, our expression. the construct of relating to everything in our environment. This creates reference, structure, hierarchy, systems, directions, actions, etc..

Ego loves this order! Ego’s objective is to protect “soul” and keep us out of the present.

Our “ego” seeks power & status; this is fed easiest by observing our surroundings, finding status through comparing ourselves to others in their accomplishments and possessions.

When “ego” leads, we relate to our accomplishments, possessions, roles as the definition of self. There is no room for “soul”. This builds expectation, attachment, disappointment and PAIN!

Awareness and recognizing our “ego ways” opens our ability to be deeply connected to response and choice.

Access to “soul” is obtained by being present, living in the moment and being fully aware of breath & surroundings. NATURE is the best place to practice being present with “soul”.

Having this information available is meant to enlighten us around the power of choosing language to serve “soul”.

Reference to the following Resources: Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth , Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God & Landmark Worldwide, Personal & Professional Training & Courses

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