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  • Corry McClure

Why Trainers Should Be Crystal Clear About Their Metrics

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

As trainers providing solutions to our corporate clients we are always looking for powerful ways to justify the “training investment”.

We intuitively know how remarkable things will be for our clients if they take our training. We have spent years studying and capturing material to create our content. We have had the experience of watching our clients transform in front of us. The testimonials from executives who have engaged in our services; “the best training ever” or “this trainer changed the direction of our company”. Valid praises and referral sources. Lots of fluff. But what are the tangible differences? Are we making a significant difference in the activities that matter the most to this business? How would we know that the pre-training to post training metrics had changed significantly enough to substantiate the training investment? A worthy inquiry. Let’s look further at who benefits from understanding this process.

How many times have you been in front of your client discussing your training solution and there is an initial excitement, but no immediate closed deal? Have you left that meeting and wondered, “what just happened?” They loved the idea, the possibility for their employees to attend this one of a kind training but they couldn’t see clearly enough why it would be worth investing the time or money. As trainers we actually need to show them. Our responsibility is to bring this in as a conversation starter. A guided tour on exploring metrics. Some type of tool that allows us to insert the suggested metrics that typically matter in business and have them verify or clarify that further. Reduce their work. Show them you understand their world. Tip your client from contemplation to decision.

The more skilled you become at this conversation, the more masterful you will become at lining up your valuable training solution as the ideal ROI for your corporate clients.

To close more sales powerfully with your ideal metrics tool, contact me.

Corry McClure | | 705.879.7744

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