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  • Corry McClure

Your Red Carpet to Corporate Program Design

You are a successful business coach and have spent years delivering signature programs to your unique clients, both individually and in group settings.

Then one day one of your satisfied clients asks; “would you deliver this same content to my employees; I am certain they would benefit from your coaching.” Gulp, you have just been invited to move from the more familiar individual or entrepreneur format to a possible corporate delivery model. You find yourself oscillating from excitement and opportunity to fear and overwhelm.

You are now in the zone of change, on average 40% of business owners are resistant to change so there is a natural tendency for you to want to ignore this knock-on opportunity’s door and return to status quo.

Let us get to the root of resistance, a few factors to consider; you are not sure how to proceed as you do not know what you don’t know, and your imagination is gravitating to worse can scenarios.

Possible resistance to change thoughts could include the following:

I do not know anything about corporate programs.

I am scared I cannot deliver.

Corporate will expect so much more than my current clients.

Your Red Carpet to Corporate Program Design looks like the following:

I listen to your ideas.

I provide you with a unique framework to take your current content and formalize it so that you recognize it as the corporate masterpiece you imagined it to be.

I coach you through the process of successfully securing your first corporate client.

If you are interested in a design solution like this, please reach out

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